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Netflix Accused of Using AI Photos in True Crime Documentary

Apr 20, 2024 -
Netflix has been accused of using AI-manipulated images in its true crime documentary, _What Jennifer Did_. Fans noticed signs of manipulation in several images, including one where Jennifer Pan, the subject of the documentary, appears to have missing and misshapen fingers, a common issue with AI-generated images. Other photos also show AI artifacts, such as a long front tooth, a strange gap in her right cheek, and a misshapen ear.

The use of manipulated images in a true crime documentary has sparked controversy, as it raises questions about the truthfulness and authenticity of the storytelling. Critics argue that the story should be told truthfully and unvarnished, especially given its sensitive nature. Netflix has yet to comment on the accusations.

Key takeaways:

  • Netflix has been accused of using AI-manipulated images in the true crime documentary _What Jennifer Did_, particularly images of Jennifer Pan's hands which appear misshapen and unnatural.
  • AI image generators are known to struggle with creating realistic images of human hands, which may explain the anomalies in the photos.
  • Any manipulation of photos in a true crime documentary is controversial as it can distort the truth of the story being told.
  • _What Jennifer Did_ was released on Netflix on April 10 and _PetaPixel_ has reached out to Netflix for comment on the allegations.
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