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AI Directories Overview

AI Directories is a comprehensive list of AI directories, carefully curated to help businesses submit their AI products to increase their online presence, boost SEO, and connect with a like-minded community. The service saves up to 20 hours of marketing time by providing important information like DR, Monthly visits, Submission Experience, and Price along with links to submit your AI tool. The service is backed by Sergiu Chiriac, an indie hacker who has built several AI tools and transformed his side projects into startups. He has leveraged the power of AI directories to increase traffic, SEO, and online visibility.

AI Directories Highlights

  • Access to an extensive, high-quality list of AI directories, saving up to 20 hours of marketing time.
  • Improves SEO, generates backlinks, increases domain rating, and drives organic traffic.
  • Offers a community contribution by sharing this comprehensive list with the community.

Use Cases

A startup company has developed a new AI tool and wants to increase its online visibility. They use AI Directories to submit their product to a wide range of AI directories, saving them time and effort in finding and submitting to these directories manually.

The startup's AI tool gains increased online visibility, driving more organic traffic to their website and improving their SEO.

An AI enthusiast has a list of AI directories that they've found useful in their work. They use AI Directories to share this list with the wider community, contributing to the collective knowledge and resources available to AI developers and businesses.

The AI enthusiast's list is added to AI Directories, expanding the resource and benefiting the wider AI community.

A small business has an AI tool that they want to promote. They use AI Directories to submit their tool to various directories, generating backlinks and improving their domain rating.

The business's SEO improves due to the increased backlinks and domain rating, driving more traffic to their website and potentially increasing sales of their AI tool.

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