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AI House Davos

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AI House Davos Overview

The AI House Davos is a global forum for AI progress, providing a platform for leading conversations on AI. The inaugural event took place in 2024 in the heart of the Davos promenade, offering seamless access to all key events in Davos. The AI House Davos is not just an event, but a hub for AI innovation and discussion, with preparations for future events already underway.

AI House Davos Highlights

  • The AI House Davos is perfectly positioned in the heart of the Davos promenade, just 750 meters from the congress center, providing easy access to all key events.
  • The forum is a leading global conversation on AI, attracting experts and enthusiasts in the field.
  • Despite the conclusion of the inaugural edition in 2024, the AI House Davos is continuously preparing for future events, promising more opportunities for AI discussions and advancements.

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