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AI or Not

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AI or Not Overview

AI or Not is a comprehensive tool designed to detect and prevent fraud and misinformation spread through AI-generated content. It can identify images, audio, and videos created with generative AI, helping to reduce fraud rates and prevent scams. The tool is particularly useful in detecting deepfakes in media, falsified insurance claims, and fake selfies or identity documents used to beat AML/KYC verification. With its upcoming features, it will also be able to meet compliance with KYC verification while checking if AI was used in the selfie or identity document, and detect deepfakes for video KYC, scams, and misinformation campaigns.

AI or Not Highlights

  • It can detect AI-generated images, audio, and videos, helping to prevent fraud and misinformation.
  • It offers detailed detection reports, providing accuracy and transparency in identifying deepfakes.
  • It provides a single dashboard to view AI risk, safeguarding identity verification and KYC compliance against AI-generated synthetic IDs.

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