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Amazon Rufus

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Amazon Rufus screenshot
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Amazon Rufus Overview

Amazon has launched Rufus, a generative AI-powered expert shopping assistant. Rufus is designed to enhance the shopping experience by answering customer questions, providing product comparisons, and making recommendations based on conversational context. The tool is trained on Amazon’s extensive product catalog, customer reviews, community Q&As, and information from across the web. Rufus is currently being rolled out in beta to a small subset of customers in Amazon’s mobile app, with plans to progressively roll out to additional U.S. customers in the coming weeks.

Amazon Rufus Highlights

  • Rufus can guide customers on what to look for while shopping in different product categories, helping them make more informed purchase decisions.
  • The AI assistant can also help customers shop by occasion or purpose, suggesting relevant product categories and related questions for more specific searches.
  • Rufus is capable of comparing product categories and providing tailored recommendations based on specific customer needs.

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