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Candydate Overview

Candydate is an innovative recruitment tool that leverages video and AI technology to streamline the hiring process. It allows job seekers to apply via a short video pitch, which is then analyzed and ranked by AI. The tool also offers features such as automatic application confirmation, team collaboration, guest feedback, live stats tracking, and automatic shortlisting based on team consensus. Candydate is designed to work anywhere, with a QR code for shop windows or a short link for ads. It offers a free plan for small businesses and a professional plan for regular recruiters.

Candydate Highlights

  • AI-assisted recruitment: Candydate uses AI to analyze and rank video applications, making the hiring process more efficient and objective.
  • Video applications: Job seekers can apply from anywhere using their own devices to record a short video pitch, adding a personal touch to the application process.
  • Collaborative hiring: The tool allows team members and even people outside the team to manage candidates, create new job openings, access live stats, and vote on applicants.

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