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Chat2DB Overview

Chat2DB is an all-in-one data management platform that integrates data management, development, analysis, and application. It uses AI technology to change the way users interact with data, enabling them to handle SQL easily. The platform supports both relational and non-relational databases and offers visual database management. It also provides AI-driven intelligent reports and data exploration, allowing users to interact with data using natural language. Chat2DB supports multiple databases, providing efficient and stable management services.

Chat2DB Highlights

  • AI-driven intelligent SQL development: Chat2DB uses AI technology to enable users to handle SQL easily, even those with non-technical backgrounds.
  • Visual database management: The platform supports the CRUD of various databases' database, schema, table, trigger, function, etc.
  • Support for multiple databases: Chat2DB can seamlessly integrate up to 17 different database types, providing efficient and stable management services.

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