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Magician Overview

Magician is an AI-powered design utility tool that enhances creativity and brings ideas to life. It offers a range of features including the generation of SVG icons, renaming of layers, and the creation of magical visuals for designs. It also provides a unique feature of replacing Lorem Ipsum with real copy. Magician works seamlessly within Figma, a favorite design tool, making it a valuable companion for designers.

Magician Highlights

  • AI-powered design utilities that unlock creativity and bring ideas to life.
  • Ability to generate SVG icons for use anywhere in your design.
  • Intelligent renaming of layers, saving designers more time.

Genius Overview

Genius is an AI design companion in Figma that transforms your ideas into fully-editable UI designs. It provides in-line suggestions to improve your workflow and design efficiency. Genius also iterates on your designs, unlocking new possibilities and directions. It leverages any design system to provide smart recommendations and can be invited to any Figma file for a personalized design assistant experience.

Genius Highlights

  • Transforms ideas into fully-editable UI designs.
  • Provides AI-powered in-line suggestions for improved workflow and design efficiency.
  • Iterates on designs to unlock new possibilities and directions.

Automator Overview

Automator is a tool that automates design tasks in Figma with a single click, turning hours of busy work into a quick and efficient process. It allows you to build powerful automations without code and syncs automations to the cloud for team-wide accessibility. Automator also has a community where you can run and remix automations built by thousands of other designers.

Automator Highlights

  • Automates design tasks in Figma with a single click.
  • Allows building of powerful automations without code.
  • Syncs automations to the cloud for team-wide accessibility.

UI-AI Overview

UI-AI is a user interface AI model made by designers, for designers. It uses the latest advancements in AI to generate design assets. UI-AI models also offer a playground where you can leverage multimodal prompts to generate design assets from anywhere on the web.

UI-AI Highlights

  • Uses the latest advancements in AI to generate design assets.
  • Offers a playground to leverage multimodal prompts for asset generation.
  • Made by designers, for designers.

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