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Elythea Overview

Elythea is a revolutionary AI tool designed to significantly reduce pregnancy-related deaths by identifying high-risk cases early on. It seamlessly integrates with your EHR, whether cloud-based or on-prem, to analyze demographics, patient history, and existing clinical risk factors. This enables healthcare providers to intervene and counsel their patients weeks to months in advance, thereby avoiding expensive complications. Elythea uses over 300 million patient data points in model training and has achieved up to 85% prediction accuracy. It has been validated in clinical studies across more than five countries.

Elythea Highlights

  • Seamless integration with EHR systems for minimal administrative overhead.
  • Advanced analysis of demographics, patient history, and clinical risk factors to identify high-risk pregnancies as early as the first visit.
  • Enables healthcare providers to intervene and counsel patients in advance, reducing the risk of expensive complications and preventable deaths.

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