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MyndMap Overview

MyndMap is an AI-powered software designed to streamline productivity and improve focus, particularly for individuals with ADHD. The platform offers tailored recommendations and support, with features such as a Personalised AI that learns from user interactions, an ADHD Assessment based on the DSM-5 criteria, and a comprehensive Task Organisation system. MyndMap aims to become a trusted companion for individuals seeking effective strategies for managing their daily tasks.

MyndMap Highlights

  • Personalised AI: An advanced AI assistant that learns from your interactions and adapts to your unique needs, providing tailored solutions and support.
  • ADHD Assessment: A meticulously crafted assessment based on the DSM-5 criteria, enhanced by AI-driven platform that gauges your responses to provide a personalised experience.
  • Task Organisation: A comprehensive task management system designed to simplify your daily routine and boost productivity, with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

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