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Nextpart is the next generation chat app powered by AI large language models, enabling human-like interactions between users and the AI models. In Nextpart users define and chat with AI characters, each with customized appearance, personalities, and storylines. Users are free to explore their fantasies with the AI characters. Potential chat scenarios are unlimited: roleplaying, relationships, love and sex, adventures, events, lifestyle... let the AI models surprise you. Nextpart supports AI voice response and image generation from chat context, allows intimate conversations with AI models with no NSFW filter, in 14 languages.

Use Cases

A game developer uses Nextpart to create AI characters for a new roleplaying game. They customize the appearance, personalities, and storylines of the characters, and use the AI models to generate dialogues and interactions.

The game developer successfully creates a unique and engaging roleplaying game with AI characters that have human-like interactions. The game is well-received by players for its innovative use of AI technology.

A language learner uses Nextpart to practice speaking and listening in a foreign language. They chat with an AI character in the language they're learning, and use the AI voice response feature to hear the language spoken aloud.

The language learner improves their language skills by practicing with the AI character. They find the AI voice response feature particularly helpful for improving their pronunciation and listening comprehension.

A writer uses Nextpart to generate ideas for a new story. They create AI characters with different personalities and backgrounds, and chat with them to explore potential plotlines and character interactions.

The writer successfully generates a unique and engaging story idea. They find the AI characters helpful for exploring different perspectives and potential plot developments.

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嘉欣 profile pic
oliver4 months ago

Hi everyone,
We are thrilled to launch our project, Nextpart AI, on Bestofai. Please let us know your thoughts.
Our model experience is beyond your imagination. We really hope that you can try it out carefully and tell us how you feel, and we also hope to receive your feedback during this process!