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Oatmeal Health

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Oatmeal Health Overview

Oatmeal Health is a value-based clinical extension of your care team that specializes in AI-enabled cancer screening services. The tool is designed to assist FQHCs and Health Plans in improving the health of underrepresented patients through early detection and care coordination, starting with lung cancer. The team of radiologists and nurses offers continuous AI-powered screening services and assistance with minimal administrative hassle for your organization. They leverage AI/ML technologies to identify and screen high-risk cancer patients before their health worsens and healthcare costs spiral out of control.

Oatmeal Health Highlights

  • Empowers health equity through AI-enabled cancer screening and early detection.
  • Provides tech-enabled screening services using AI/ML technologies to identify and screen high-risk cancer patients.
  • Improves patient outcomes by offering no-cost scheduling with continuous concierge care navigation.

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