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Off/Script Overview

Off/Script is a revolutionary product creation platform that empowers users to bring their digital designs to life as tangible products. The platform leverages the power of community voting and AI technology to streamline the product creation process. Users can submit their designs, gather community support, and once they secure 100 likes, they can launch a pre-order campaign. If the pre-order goal is met, Off/Script will manufacture the product, allowing the user to retain 70% of the revenue and the intellectual property. The app is developed by Lighthouse Meta and is compatible with iOS 13.0 or later.

Off/Script Highlights

  • Off/Script provides a unique platform for digital designers to transform their ideas into tangible products.
  • The app uses a community voting system to determine which designs get produced, ensuring that every design has a fair chance of being realized.
  • Users retain a significant portion of the revenue and the intellectual property of their designs, encouraging creativity and innovation.

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