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Runday screenshot
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Runday Overview

Runday is a no-code generative AI (ChatGPT) that uses human-like text messages to accelerate complex sales and hiring processes. It is designed to answer questions and book appointments, helping businesses to increase their revenue and efficiency. Runday offers a range of products that cater to specific needs, allowing users to manage their day-to-day tasks more efficiently. It also provides a chatbot feature for teams, which can create personalized bots to streamline customer interactions and increase inquiries. With easy meeting booking integrated into the chatbot, businesses will never miss an opportunity to connect with potential clients.

Runday Highlights

  • Runday uses AI chatbots to increase appointments with human-like texting, allowing businesses to engage with new customers 24/7.
  • It offers a range of products that help manage day-to-day tasks more efficiently, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • Runday Teams feature provides personalized bots that streamline customer interactions and increase inquiries, taking businesses to the next level.

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