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Smartroof Overview

Smartroof is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to protect and maintain your home. It proactively detects, identifies, and diagnoses levels of damage on your home exteriors over time. It offers an extra layer of security with historic property health tracking and real-time weather alerts. The tool also provides virtual inspections, price-match guarantees, 5-star contractors, online warranties, property insights, and service tracking. It's the perfect solution for homeowners seeking to safeguard their home's exteriors with property monitoring and service recommendations.

Smartroof Highlights

  • AI-Powered Detection: Smartroof uses advanced AI technology to proactively detect, identify, and diagnose levels of damage on your home exteriors over time.
  • Virtual Inspections: Instantly book contactless home inspections with Smartroof. This feature ensures safety and convenience for homeowners.
  • Service Tracking: Stay updated on service activity and updates. This feature allows homeowners to monitor the progress and status of their home services.

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