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UncovAI Overview

UncovAI is an innovative tool designed to efficiently distinguish between texts written by humans and those generated by AI models such as GPT-type models. The tool is based on mathematical hypotheses and does not require the use of Deep Learning models, making it an eco-friendly solution. It is capable of detecting texts generated by various AI models including ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT4, Llama, and others. The UncovAI model is highly efficient and can be used to enhance your browsing experience with extensions available for Chrome and Firefox.

UncovAI Highlights

  • Efficiently distinguishes between human-written texts and AI-generated texts.
  • Does not require Deep Learning models, making it an eco-friendly solution.
  • Offers browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox to enhance user experience.

All Reviews (1)

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bestofai771454 months ago

Great tool! I use it daily as I am a professor at the University! Thank you for this great product.