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Viact Overview

Viact, also known as viHUB, is a centralized management platform designed to enhance safety and efficiency in construction sites. It leverages AI and IoT technologies to provide real-time monitoring and management of site safety performance. The platform offers a digital permit-to-work system, real-time tracking of powered tools, PPE detection, danger zone access control, confined space safety monitoring, and an alert system for unsafe acts or dangerous situations. Additionally, it uses virtual reality technology for safety training, providing workers with insights into high-risk activities and situations.

Viact Highlights

  • Real-time monitoring and management of site safety performance using AI and IoT technologies.
  • Features such as digital permit-to-work system, PPE detection, and danger zone access control to enhance site safety.
  • Use of virtual reality technology for safety training, providing workers with insights into high-risk activities and situations.

Use Cases

A construction company uses Viact to improve the safety of their construction sites. They utilize the platform's real-time monitoring and management features to keep track of site safety performance. The digital permit-to-work system ensures only authorized personnel are allowed on site, while the PPE detection feature ensures all workers are properly equipped before entering the site. The danger zone access control prevents unauthorized access to high-risk areas.

The construction company sees a significant reduction in workplace accidents and injuries, leading to improved worker safety, increased productivity, and reduced liability.

A construction site manager uses Viact to track the usage and location of powered tools in real-time. This helps in preventing tool theft, misplacement, and unauthorized use. It also helps in ensuring that the tools are properly maintained and replaced when necessary.

The construction site becomes more organized and efficient, with less downtime due to missing or malfunctioning tools. The manager can also make better decisions about tool procurement and maintenance based on the usage data.

A training officer at a construction company uses Viact's virtual reality technology to train workers on safety procedures. The VR technology provides a realistic and immersive experience, allowing workers to learn how to handle high-risk activities and situations in a safe environment.

Workers become more skilled and confident in handling dangerous situations, leading to fewer accidents and injuries on the construction site. The company also saves time and resources by not having to set up physical training scenarios.

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