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Vectorizer AI

5 stars with 2 reviews
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Vectorizer.AI Overview

Vectorizer.AI is a revolutionary tool that leverages artificial intelligence to convert bitmap images into vector art. With over 15 years of experience in the field, the team behind Vectorizer.AI has developed proprietary deep learning models that can detect and fit geometric shapes, clean up corners, match tangents, and perform curve fairing, among other things. The tool supports a variety of input and output formats, and is under active development with exciting new features in the pipeline. Unlike traditional vectorization tools that use outdated algorithms, Vectorizer.AI offers a fresh approach that delivers impressive results.

Vectorizer.AI Highlights

  • Vectorizer.AI uses AI and deep learning models to convert bitmap images into vector art, detecting details that traditional methods miss and making sensible guesses when pixel data is ambiguous.
  • The tool supports a variety of file formats, including JPEG, PNG, WEBP, BMP, and GIF for input, and SVG, PDF, EPS, DXF, and PNG for output.
  • Vectorizer.AI is under active development, with a commitment to improving the fully automatic results and adding new features based on user preferences.

Use Cases

A graphic design agency is working on a project that requires high-quality vector art. They have a collection of bitmap images that they want to convert into vector format for better scalability and editing capabilities. They use Vectorizer.AI to convert these bitmap images into vector art.

The agency is able to convert their bitmap images into high-quality vector art quickly and efficiently. The vector images retain the details of the original bitmap images, and can be easily edited and scaled without loss of quality. This saves the agency time and resources, and allows them to deliver a high-quality product to their client.

A freelance illustrator has been commissioned to create a series of illustrations for a children's book. The illustrator prefers to work in bitmap format, but the publisher requires the final illustrations in vector format. The illustrator uses Vectorizer.AI to convert their bitmap illustrations into vector format.

The illustrator is able to meet the publisher's requirements without having to change their preferred working method. The converted vector illustrations retain the quality and detail of the original bitmap illustrations, and can be easily edited and scaled by the publisher as needed. This makes the illustrator's work more versatile and marketable.

A web developer is building a website for a client. The client has provided a number of bitmap images that they want to use on the website, but the developer knows that vector images will provide better scalability and performance. The developer uses Vectorizer.AI to convert the bitmap images into vector format.

The developer is able to use high-quality vector images on the website, which improves the website's performance and scalability. The vector images look sharp on all screen sizes and resolutions, providing a better user experience. This increases the client's satisfaction and the developer's reputation for quality work.

All Reviews (2)

Jason profile pic
jgknott10 months ago

Love using this tool to vectorize my midjourney images.

null profile pic
ayeye4 months ago

Absolutely love this tool